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Handmade Valentine Cards

You will love our natural valentine cards, which are made using the finest natural materials; raw silk, handspun wool and handmade papers, dyed with natural dyes.

These beautiful valentine cards are A6/C6 size when folded (roughly 150 mm x 105 mm). The valentine handmade cards are unique works of art and each can be a gift in itself or can be framed.

Each valentine card bears a unique design on the centre of the front cover. The designs are 2.5” to 3” (65  to 80 mm) wide and usually comprise a handmade paper background with a foreground of silk and thread dyed with natural dyes. All the valentine cards are unique and the design may vary slightly from the photograph. The inside of the valentine handmade card is left blank for your own message. The cards are made from cream-coloured, 100% recycled paper.

Tropical handmade valentine cards are supplied in cellophane bags with a white envelope. For protection they are shipped in a hard-backed card envelopes or in bubble wrap for larger quantities.

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