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Tropical Valentine Cards


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Valentines cards made especially for the one you love!          

Buy your valentine cards from our five card collections...

Just Heart cards

Intimate Hearts

Gem Stones

Couples cards

Passion cards

Just Hearts valentines card collection

Intimate Hearts valentines card collection

Gem Stones valentine card collection

Couples valentine card collection

Passion valentine heart card collection

Who are you buying your valentine cards for?

Buy valentine cards for your lover, partner, husband, wife, girl friend or boy friend; or for your mother, son, daughter, brother or sister - all great reasons for purchasing our beautiful valentine cards.

There are 365 giving days each year! Buy special heart cards for your valentine, partner, husband, wife, girl friend or boy friend on Valentines Day, or for your anniversary of meeting, of engagement or wedding and as well as for birthdays and other significant days.

Buy a Tropical Valentines handmade heart card for your mother, father, son, daughter, brother or sister for a birthday, for an anniversary or because they deserve it! Don’t leave it for later - buy it now!

How are our handmade cards designed and what are they made from?

These are 6" by 4" handmade valentine cards with a unique design of handmade paper, silk and thread dyed with natural dyes on cream-coloured 100% recycled card.

Intimate Hearts handmade card design

Read how your hand made valentine cards are made...

Spoilt for choice? You can buy one of our Best Selling valentine cards & be sure to please!










Woad Love


Blue Heart


Ruby Heart


or check out our Intimate Hearts handmade cards collection for more choices...



What’s new:-



11 Feb

Just Hearts valentines cards re-published



28 June

New look - new design for Tropical Valentines cards

16 Jan

5 new hearts cards on Couples, Passion & Intimate Hearts cards

11 Jan

4 new handmade valentines cards added to Just Hearts collection



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