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Postage and Delivery

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1. Postage
Postage and packing are free on all orders for an introductory period. The price of the cards  includes all postage and delivery charges inclusive and worldwide.

2. Fulfilment and Delivery times
On receipt of your cleared payment, your order will be packed and then sent directly to you by the UK’s Royal Mail postal service.

Delivery is by the Royal Mail’s First Class post in the UK and by the Royal Mail's international letter or packet services for overseas customers. This is essentially a Monday to Friday business hours service and therefore consignment at a post office usually takes place on the working day (Monday to Friday) following receipt of payment. There is no service on public holidays.

Note that order fulfilment is from the UK and therefore delivery times are greater to addresses abroad than they are within the UK. The Royal Mail states that it aims to deliver in the UK within 1-2 days but in our experience delivery may take 2-3 days longer and the Post Office will only accept complaints of non-delivery 11 working days after posting.

The Royal Mail’s suggested delivery aim for Europe is 3 working days and for the USA and the rest of the world is 5 working days (i.e. not including weekends and public holidays). However, the same caveats around actual practice and the same rules regarding complaints of non-delivery apply. In our experience delivery may take at least two weeks, and more, in some countries.

We would therefore suggest that you wait at least 1 week before advising of any non-delivery to a UK address and at least 2 weeks for an overseas order. Most orders are delivered rapidly and efficiently but occasional delays in postal delivery occur.

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